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Poster: The typical Aussie bloke Date: Mar 1, 2004 5:08pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: New to the forum

Hi all. I'm Troy, a young fellow Australian who is into early television shows of all sorts and interested in seeing what live television looked like in the earliest years, especially early American live colour shows of the 50s.

Anyways one of my mates linked me to this website and found a lot of fantastic stuff in the Prelinger archives, downloaded one of the "Science In Action" shows and it was fantastic. Loved the intense image orthicon halo effects in the studio, really gives the show a lot of flare!

Anyways commenting on American TV archives, I'm really impressed with the way you's preserve archival material because over in Australia most archives (except for ABC and Screensound) couldn't give a stuff about their old TV shows and my mate who has been to a Channel 6 archive said that he's seen old broadcast tapes stored in the engine room!!! During the 70s and 80s Aussie TV stations have wiped almost all TV shows of the 50s to the 70s just to save a few thousand dollars on videotapes, even ABC wiped a LOT of great stuff including my favourite 70s rock show "Countdown" which I'm trying to recover lost shows on early home videotapes and have put up a website about this at . On top of that, so much of the broadcast equipment (cameras, 2" quad VTRs etc.) have been junked too. This was all because of MONEY!!! Most Aussie TV station archives don't even have a 2" quad VTR anymore but yet still have 2" quad tapes lying about needing to be transferred, only a few collectors have operational 2" quad machines whom I know and one of the collectors he's in demand by ABC to transfer some of their 2"s they have lying about.

Anyhow since I've been hunting Countdown shows I've been collecting old video machines and videotapes of all formats and have found some great vintage stuff on them from the 70s and 80s. I've pretty much featured most of my collection on my Countdown site.

Getting back to vintage American shows, for a few years now I've been fascinated with the early studio TV shows and camera equipment used, and have gotten some great stuff. Also often visit old vintage TV/camera sites, one of the best sites being Chuck Pharis's video camera collection site at which he has stacks of cameras particularly IO B&W and colour cameras including a RCA TK-40 and several TK-41s. I been wanting to see any early videotape recordings from the 50s especially colour recordings, about the earliest video recordings I've seen so far is some B&W Ed Sullivan footage from 1959 and some excerpts of colour footage of the Andy Williams Show dating 1962-64.

Anyways I've been hooked since browsing this site, so many early archival footage to look at!!!


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Poster: Steve Nordby Date: Mar 1, 2004 9:48pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: New to the forum

Like your Web links! Yes, it's too bad TV stations scrapped not only their 2" machines, but also their film chains before transfering their archival material to a new format. Last week where I work, a box with dozens of 16mm films (mostly local commercials and production footage) from the 1970's was discovered. But we dismantled and sold off our TP-66/TK-28 film chain years ago, so we have no way to transfer them to video.

Besides the "Science in Action" series, I don't recall seeing anything in the Archive shot with video cameras.